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Planet Social Sports represents the growing number of people that enjoy a social lifestyle, like the outdoors, and want to make some new friends or get together with old ones. Planet Social Sports provides a great way to balance the stress of work/life. Planet Social Sports creates a professional and social network that leads to the betterment of the local community and self. We are here simply to bring people together, through the love of sports, active dating, sports leagues and social events We'll also be working to improve all aspects of leagues and individual classes so that we can continually offer the best experience!

We know that sports are a huge part of your life experience and continue to take steps to improve our programs. We will be posting new and upcoming leagues soon for Summer 2013 so keep your eyes open.

We offer the best experience around in both recreational and competitive Mens and Coed Slow-Pitch Softball, Kickball, Flag and Touch Football, Basketball, Volleyball and Soccer. We've been around over 7 years time and have had the same goal in mind since day 1: "To provide people a great way of engaging in competitive and fun activities."

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