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    Season Length : Regular season is 7 weeks long with play-offs following regular season.  The 8the week is playoffs for qualifying teams. Non qualifying teams get an 8th game.    
NO Ref fees and no more reffing your own games! 
    Number of Players : Minimum of 14 on a team. No limit to the number of players on each team Teams are Co-ed, 10 players on the field (max. 6 men and 4 women). Each batter will start with a one and one count (one ball, one strike)    
    Equipment : 1 kickball will be provied by PSS on your first game day.  Balls need to be brought to each game. PSS provides jerseys, bases, and umpires.    
    Rainouts - We will not make up the first rainout game, but will make up the second    
    Team jerseys (tee-shirts) will be provided and must be worn at all games and at the sponsor bar    
    Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated!!!    
    All players must be signed-up with Planet Social Sports, be on their team's roster form, have a completed waiver form, and be wearing their team's shirt before they can play    
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    Kickball Rules and Regulations:    
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    All players shall:    
    Be 21 by the start of the season    
    Be on a team roster    
    Be on only one Planet Social Sports team    
    Have signed the release waiver (Onile)    
    Must be wearing their PSS team shirt    
    If your team uses an ineligible player they will forfeit all games that were affected by his or her play.    
    Remove all jewelry before games or you will be asked to. If you do not comply you will be suspended for that game.     
    No metal cleats. You will not be allowed to participate if found to be wearing metal cleats        
    All teams shall:    
    1) Consist of a minimum of 14 registered players and a maximum of 30    
    Registered players.    
    2) Be limited to a maximum of 10 players in the field on defense, of which at    
    least 4 must be women. Teams may field more than 4 women. If a team    
    cannot field 4 women, they must play with one less man in the field for    
    each woman they are missing    
    A team shall automatically forfeit if it cannot field a minimum of 3 women and 3 man.     
    Planet Social Sports provides bases, and referees.    
    Players bring score lineup and score cards.    
    Referees are provided by Planet Social Sports    
    Determined by schedule. It will be evenly distributed between teams throughout the season to determine who is home and who is away.    
    Our fields are regular ASA(Adult Softball Association) softball field sizes.    
    Check website for game times and locations.     
    All regular season games shall last no more than six (7) innings. If the score is tied at the end of the sixth inning the game will end in a tie. A regular season game will have to complete three full innings for the game to count. If due to inclement weather a game has not completed three full innings, the game will not count and will be rescheduled (if possible). If a game has completed 3 full innings and is forced to be suspended due to inclement weather the score shall revert to the last completed full inning.    
    Forfeits will not be rescheduled            
    Regular season points shall be as follows: 2 points for a win, 1 point for a tie, and 0 points for a loss.     
    All playoff games shall last six innings. If the score is tied at the end of six innings, the game shall go into extra innings, with both teams having the opportunity to kick at least once. If one team is ahead after the completion of an extra inning, they win. If not, another full extra inning will be played. Extra innings will continue in this fashion until there is a winner.     
    The championship game shall last seven innings. If the score is tied at the end of seven innings, the game shall go into extra innings, with both teams having the opportunity to kick at least once. If one team is ahead after the completion of an extra inning, they win. If not, another full extra inning will be played. Extra innings will continue in this fashion until there is a winner.    
    The kicking line-up shall:    
    1) Consist of all men and women playing in the game. All players in the lineup    
    must kick.    
    2) Be determined by each team’s captain before the game begins.    
    Follow the same order during the length of the game, and only change for injuries or extenuating circumstances.    
    All pitches shall:    
    Be underhand.. no sidearm or overhand pitches or it will be considered a ball    
    Pitcher must remain behind the pitching stripe or balls will be called    
    No side arm or overhand pitches.    
    No bouncies over 12 inches... or it will be a ball.    
    No bullets.. if the balls are being thrown to hard the ump will warn the pitcher to slow down or balls will be called on all pitched deemed to come too fast.    
    One ball width on either side of the plate.    
    Any pitch that is more than the width of the kickball from home plate upon crossing home plate shall be considered a ball.    
    No pitch may bounce more that 12 inches in route to home plate or it will be called a ball.    
    Any pitch crossing the plate higher than 12 inches will be a ball.    
    A strike is:    
    A pitch that passes within the strike zone that is not kicked.    
    Any pitch that is swung on and missed.    
    A count of three strikes results in an out.    
    Any foul ball    
    A ball is:    
    Pitched outside the strike zone    
    Called when a player crosses the pitching stripe    
    Over 12 after leaving the pitchers hand    
    Thrown side arm or overhand    
    Called when the catcher is in front of the kicker for any reason before the kicker kicks.    
    No intentional walking allowed. Batters deemed to be intentionally walked will be awarded second base.     
    An out is:    
    1) On the 3rd called strike the kicker is out.
    2) If the fourth strike is a foul then you are out.    
    3) Fly out in fair or foul territory    
    4) Force out at a base    
    5) Base runner hit bay a ball in play. Thrown or kicked.    
    6) A runner who interferes with a kicked or thrown ball while in fair territory.    
    7) Any runner that interferes with the defense fielding a ball in play. Determined by Referee.    
    8) A runner leading off their base before the ball is kicked.    
    9) A base coach who interferes with a live ball.    
    No head shots… if someone gets hit in the head they are awarded the next base..    
    FOUL BALLS    
    A foul ball is a ball that:    
    Goes over the foul line before reaching first or 3rd base.    
    A bunt that is deemed to be on purpose by the kicker.    
    Was kicked in front of home plate    
    FAIR BALLS    
    A fair ball is a kicked ball that:    
    1) Lands in fair territory.    
    Fair territory is anywhere within the base lines extending from home plate    
    through first and third base and through right and left fields.    
    2) Is touched by a defensive player in fair territory.    
    If a ball is touched in fair territory then rolls past the foul line it is still fair.    
    If a ball is kicked in the air, then where it lands determines whether or not it’s fair or foul    
    Kicks must be made behind home plate. If you kick before home plate it will be called a foul by the referee/umpire.    
    Balls to be kicked with foot… legs count as kicking appendage below the knee.    
    You must attempt to “kick” the ball. There is no bunting. It is up to the referee to make a decision if a full kick attempt is made.. if not then the kick shall be called a foul.    
    Runners must stay in baselines while running.    
    No stealing or leading off. If so you will be called out.    
    Tie goes to runner.    
    Run like a champion!!!    
    1st base can be over run.. .but do not make any inside turn towards second while running through the base or you will be open to tags… hence you are in play and can be tagged out.    
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    All out of play balls will advance runners one base…    
    Overthrown balls can be chosen to be played by the defense… if so then the runners may advance as usual.    
    Teams can have a 1st and 3rd base coach.     
    They must stay out of the way of normal play or teams will receive outs, called by refs.    
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    NO SLIDING    
    FLY BALLS    
    All runners must tag up for fly balls…. i.e. you can’t leave until the ball is caught or you will be called out.    
    10 run limit per inning.....     
    unless home team is losing in the last inning, then they have the chance to catch up and win    
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    All teams shall field no more than 10 players in the field.    
    No base or baseline blocking allowed.. if so the runners will be called safe    
    Teams have 4 outfielders… No more… no less    
    Teams field 6 infielders. Catcher, Pitcher, 1st, 2nd, short and 3rd.    
    No fielder may cross the diagonal in front of the pitchers mound before the ball is kicked.. if so the referee will call the pitch a ball.    
    Catchers must remain behind home plate until the ball is kicked….    
    After the ball is kicked the Catcher may move in front of home plate.    
    If the catcher crosses in front of home plate before the ball is kicked. The pitch will be ruled a ball.    
    BALL IN PLAY    
    Once the pitcher has control of the ball near the pitching strip, the play shall be dead and no runners can advance any further.    
    Once in control of the ball near the pitching strip, if the pitcher attempts to tag a runner, play continues and    
    runners may advance.    
    If the base runner is less than half way between the bases when the play ends, they shall return to the previous base, unless tagged out.    
    If the ball pops the play will be deemed a “do-over” and the play will be replayed    
    Subs can only be made during changes between innings unless there is an injury on the field    
    If you are injured you must be able to kick and run the bases to play….    
    It is at the referee’s discretion on whether injured players are allowed to continue to play in their game    
    Any player conducting themselves in an unsportsmanlike manner can be ejected at the discretion of the referees    
 All league schedule requests must go through the league office. Any other attempt to schedule / reschedule games without the consent of Planet Social Sports will result in a forfeiture of games and a possible banning from the league.  All league schedule requests must be made at least 3 weeks prior to the game in question. As well as your opponents captain must approve the change.  Schedules are posted at the beginning of the season in full so that teams can plan their schedules, we can schedule our people, the city can staff and permit the parks so that everyone knows what to expect. 
 Keep in mind that 'for requests' there is limited field availability due to tight city permits and that all of our requests must be approved by the 'city' as well as us. 

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